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Industry Trends & Data presented in an easy to follow format

  • State of Retail

  • State of Fields

  • Keynote Lunch


Open Forum Discussions with a Panel of Industry Leaders

  • Mega Parks

  • Amusement Activities at your Park

  • Embracing Airsoft at your Park

  • Building a Local Tournament Scene

  • Scenario Games


Classroom setting with Experts in their Field

  • Website Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting


Group Discussions led by Moderators

  • Retailers Round Table

  • Field Owners Round Table

  • Airsoft Round Table

  • Amusement Activities Round Table


Course: Emek/Etha3/3M/180R & CS Markers 
Description: 4-hour Dealer Training Class covering the operation, maintenance of and servicing of the Eclipse Gamma Core paintball marker systems (Etha Emek 180R CS). Participants will receive an Eclipse Etha3M marker, Speedster loader, Eclipse backpack, Eclipse grease, Eclipse oil , Eclipse tool tube and Eclipse Tech Mat as well as a voucher towards the purchase of a high-end eclipse marker. (to be submitted at the show and purchased through your store). Successful completion of the training goes towards the business becoming a Certified Repair Centre and being featured on the interactive Service/Repair Centre Map on
Price: $300
Offered: (4 Hour Course) 10:00 Monday, 10:00 Tuesday

Course: Emek Rental & PAL Loader System - FIELD OWNERS ONLY​ 
Description: This is an introduction for field owners to the Emek rental marker and PAL loader system, we will cover the workings of the Emek ease of maintenance and servicing, attendees will receive an Emek rental, Pal loader and a selection of Pro Toyz products to sample on their fields.
Price: $185
Offered: 10:00 Wednesday, 12:00 Wednesday

Course: Luxe IDOL Tech Class 
Includes: Black Luxe IDOL
Price: $1200
Offered: 10:30 Monday, 1:00 Tuesday, 9:00 Wednesday

Course: Shocker ERA Tech Class
Includes: Shocker ERA
Price: $720
Offered: 1:00 Monday, 10:30 Tuesday, 10:30 Wednesday

Course: Virtue & Bunkerkings
Tech Class & Sales Overview
Includes: Spire V, Spire IR², Top Secret Bunkerkings Loader, & $50 Dealer Gift card for spare parts
Price: $300
Offered: 10:30 Monday, 3:00 Tuesday, 1:00 Wednesday

Course: Field One Force V2 Tech Class
Includes: Force V2, Dealer Parts Kit, & Field One Swag
Price: $1025
Offered: 2:00 Tuesday

Course: Powerhouse Tech Class & New Product Reveal
Includes: TKO Regulator + Exclusive chance to purchase never-before-seen products at $100 off!
Price: $110
Offered: (1 hour Course) 2:30 Monday, 4:00 Tuesday, 11:00 Wednesday

Course: Empire Flo Regulator Tech Class
Includes: Participants will receive training in the upcoming Kore Outdoor FLO regulator and receive a new Empire FLO regulator on a 68 Ultra bottle upon completing the class
Price: $155
Offered: (1 hour Course) 11:30 Tuesday

Course: JT Triad Tech Class
Includes: Participants will receive training in the upcoming Kore Outdoor JT Triad loader and learn about the changes that have been made to the loader before its release. Dealers will receive the newest model of the JT Triad loader upon completing the class. 
Price: $75 (Free for anyone previously certified in Triad)
Offered: (1 hour Course) 4:00 Tuesday

Course: CZR, DSR+, M3+ technical presentation

  • Presentation of benefits and features of each marker, overview of DYE service protocols, Followed by Q&A

  • Each participant will receive: (item to be shipped to dealer on next order with DYE)

    • M3+ marker

    • $250.00 store credit for any order exceeding $1,000 placed at Summit Show

    • Copy of presentation use for reference for service, in-store training, and more.

    • Certificate of completion

Price: $1000 
Offered: (2 hour Course) 2:00 Monday

Course: Loader & Goggle: (LT-R/R2 & i4/i5)

  • Presentation covering benefits and features of the LT-R loader,  R2 loader, and i5 goggle system.  Followed by Q&A

  • Each participant will receive: (items to be shipped to dealer on next order with DYE)

    • LT-R Loader w/ Quickfeed

    • R2 Loader w/ Quickfeed

    • I5 Goggle

    • Certificate of completion

Price: $300
Offered: (1 hour Course) 11:00 Tuesday

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