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Course: Town Hall Session


Description: This session will have a variety of topics. We plan to have attendee's rotate tables (or stay where they are at if they choose) every 20 minutes or so. The goal will be to learn about other areas that you may wish to expand into, or just something you have questions about. You will leave with the contact info of the person leading the topic of that table so you will have a resource when you get home and are looking at implementing some ideas! 

Topics to be covered:

Big Games

Air Soft at your Paintball Park


Non-paintball activities to generate revenue

and more!

Presenter: Rusty Glaze


Course: Transform Bounces into Bookings With A Website That Wins


Description: Missed opportunities could be costing you potential bookings. Imagine transforming missed inquiries and bounces into confirmed paintball reservations with a website that captures attention and converts visitors into customers.


You know that having a strong online presence is crucial for success, but the current state of your website just isn't cutting it. It's outdated, difficult to navigate, and fails to showcase the adrenaline-pumping experience of paintball. You're losing potential customers who are turned off by the lackluster design and functionality of your site. The frustration of seeing your competitors with sleek, modern websites that draw in customers while yours falls short is overwhelming.


Learn how to transform your paintball website into a powerful tool that captivates visitors and turns them into paying customers. We will show you how to create a visually stunning, user-friendly website that effectively communicates your value proposition, builds trust, and encourages visitors to take action. With strategic calls-to-action, high-quality imagery, and seamless navigation, we'll ensure that visitors are compelled to book with you instead of bouncing to a competitor's site. Say goodbye to high bounce rates and hello to increased bookings and revenue with a website that wins over potential customers from the moment they arrive. Let us help you turn bounces into bookings and help fill your park up! 


Elevate your online presence and drive more bookings with a professionally designed paintball website that sets you apart from the competition. Don't let an outdated website hold back your business any longer. 

Presenter: Rusty Glaze

Course: The Art of Crafting Irresistible Offers


Description: Are you tired of struggling to create offers that truly captivate your customers and drive sales? Do you want to learn the art of crafting irresistible offers that leave customers eager to buy? Introducing The Art of Crafting Irresistible Offers Class - your ultimate guide to creating compelling, high-converting offers that could boost your business


In this class, you will discover proven strategies and techniques for constructing offers that stand out in a crowded market, grab attention, and compel action. Learn how to identify the unique needs and desires of your target audience and tailor your offers to meet their specific wants. Uncover the psychology behind what makes an offer irresistible and gain insights into leveraging scarcity, urgency, and exclusivity to drive customer engagement.


Imagine having the ability to effortlessly craft offers that resonate with your ideal customers on a deep level, leading them to eagerly click buy without hesitation. Picture the satisfaction of seeing your sales soar as a result of implementing powerful offer-creation tactics. With The Art of Crafting Irresistible Offers Class, you can turn these visions into reality and take your business to new heights.


Join us in The Art of Crafting Irresistible Offers Class and start creating compelling, high-converting offers that will set you apart from the competition

Presenter: Rusty Glaze


Course: Accounting & Bookkeeping for Paintball​


Description: Do you wake up each day excited to do accounting? Of course you don't! Accounting & Bookkeeping is an essential part of running a successful business, but it is rarely anyone's favorite topic. This course is an opportunity to learn how to streamline your accounting process and make sure you have accurate financial data to guide your business decision making. Hosted by Kevin Fillers, CPA (Major League Paintball CFO) 


Presenter: Hosted by Kevin Fillers, CPA (Major League Paintball CFO) 

Course: Step-By-Step Guide To Setup Your Paintball Field’s Online Advertising to Guarantee Success


Description: Looking for clear answers on how to use social media and online advertising to grow your field? We will break down exactly how to set up, track, and automate your business so you can connect with your customers more easily and efficiently.

Presenter: Kyle Berry


Course: How to Generate Exponential Revenue from your Advertising Investment


Description: From reducing Cost Per Acquisition of new customers to how to increase Liftetime Value this is the course to grow your paintball field. We will dive into the numbers and how to create an online system that generates profit like a money making machine. This is considered an advanced marketing course.

Presenter: Kyle Berry

Course: Interested in hosting tournaments? Learn More with PB Leagues & PB Results


Description: This course is designed to give a detailed breakdown of the promoter dashboard and league management tools in the PBLeagues software. Setting up events, customizing schedules, rankings, etc.

Presenter: Chris Raehl & Uldis Berzins


Course: Cultivating Relationships between Parks and Tournament Players


Description: Ryan Greenspan of San Diego Dynasty will be leading a course on building relationships between tournament players and paintball parks. As an international ambassador of the sport, Ryan has the unique insight to share creative ways to build these partnerships.

Presenter: Ryan Greenspan

Course: Embracing Low-Impact at your Store & Field


Description: Would you like to offer low impact at your paintball park or if you already do would you like to know how to grow that side of the business and make more money? Then this is the class for you, Anthony Vitale of Boston Paintball will discuss how he has grown low impact at his park and incorporated it as an essential part of his business.

Presenter: Anthony Vitale of Boston Paintball


Course: How to Run a Local Tournament at your Park


Description: Learn the Do's and Don'ts of building a local tournament scene. Course taught by Major League Paintball Commissioner, Jason Trosen.

Presenter: Jason Trosen & Chris Raehl

Course: Intro to Coaching


Description: Ryan Gray of AC Diesel and Coach Mike Bianca of the New Orleans Hurricanes will provide a basic understanding of team construction, basic drills for the beginner, basic drills for the intermediate and data collection.

Presenter: Ryan Gray & Mike Bianca


Course: How to Run a Successful Event


Description: This class is for anyone who runs a retail store and would like ideas on how to hold a successful sales or VIP event that leave your customers feeling warm and fuzzy and also generate revenue. These events also give you the ability to possibly move stale inventory at discounted prices without breaking MAP . We will give you real strategies that have been proven to work over the course of many years, including before, during and after Covid, to bring customers in and entice them to buy.

Presenter: Gina & Junior Brown 

Course: Effective Email Marketing 


Description: Are you struggling to reach and engage your target audience through email marketing? Do you want to boost your brand's visibility and drive more conversions with every email sent? Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this class will provide you with the essential techniques and strategies to create compelling, high-performing email campaigns. Hosted by Rusty Glaze with Send Constant Emails.

Presenter: Rusty Glaze


Course: Running a Profitable League & Managing Expectations


Description: If you own a paintball park and have ever thought about running a tournament series, but weren’t sure how to get started OR if it would be profitable, this is the session for you! The presenters of this session each own and operate their own parks, running long standing tournament series'. They will discuss what they have learned over the years that works and doesn’t work, how to manage teams expectations and how to generate profits off of these teams even on non-tournament weekends.

Presenter: Dave Bains, Karen Bains, & Anthony Vitale

Course: Grow Your Business with Custom Soft Goods


Description: John Rathbun from Kore Outdoor will show you how you can increase your margins and brand identity by creating your own custom soft goods! From start to finish this class will explain the process, low minimums and time frames. They will also show you examples from customers currently taking advantage of these awesome products. This class is meant for Park and Store owners.

Presenter: John Rathbun

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